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Sessions For New Industry Brokers

Lessons Finance Brokers MUST learn from Financial Planners
Overcoming Objections
How Mortgage Brokers can get into Commercial Lending
Bonus video: The 10 Most Common Servicing Mistakes For Commercial Lending

Assisting Struggling Businesses since Covid 19

Structuring Options for businesses given Covid19 & how do we as brokers provide assistance?
Your business client has some tax debt – how can you assist?

Debtor Finance

How to calculate and compare costs with Debtor Finance Facility
Trade Finance – How you can help clients in this area since Covid 19.
How can debtor finance help you write more Asset Finance?

Asset Finance

Understanding the market for 2nd hand vehicles and equipment

Private Lending

How to calculate and compare the fees of a Private Loan

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker – Craig Johnston