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The Finance Consultancy works with brokers, accountants and professional advisers to source optimum funding solutions for business finance.

Regardless of the age of what is being purchased or the stage of the business life cycle, The Finance Consultancy has the experience, knowledge and the widest range of available funding options.

The Finance Consultancy has market leading business finance experience and welcomes the opportunity to partner with you and other professional advisers to grow your business clientele.

We are the company brokers turn to ensure they have considered every option for their business clients.


As a part of our network you can access great funding advice and strategies for you and your clients!

  • Your client is ALWAYS your client and remains YOUR client before, during and after working with us.
  • We specialise in, and only work on business finance.
  • Our business has the expertise and the widest panel of lenders including private and unique funding sources that are new to market.
  • We work closely with you throughout the process.


Your client always remains YOUR client. Any income received is shared. You nominate – we accommodate.

At all times the client comes first and we will outline alternatives that may not involve us facilitating a transaction ourselves. We allow our referrers to leverage our network to maximise the benefits for their clients.

We get as involved as required – our preference is working behind the scenes as an extension of your brand.

If you would like us to work exclusively for your business with reference to a particular aspect of commercial lending, please let us know and we would be happy to arrange in line with your value proposition to clients.

Your Clients, Your Proposition, Our Partnership.


The Finance Consultancy is regularly searching the market for dynamic funding options to best meet the varied and complex need of Australian SMEs. We deal with major banks, as well as some international lending partners to attain the sharper pricing required for significant robust businesses.

There are many new and smaller funders in the market, many that have incredible niches that a business can take advantage of. But they only have so much money to lend, without the processes of a bank. As such, they rely on having a network of brokers that submit a client’s information in the optimum way – not wasting anyone’s time.

We also have a strong network of private funding and specialist lenders that allow us to deliver incredible client outcomes.

Why funders like dealing with
The Finance Consultancy

George and I have known Chris Slack over the last few years through his work as a Broker for Global Capital and currently through his position at Mildura Finance looking after the Aussie Home Loans account.

Chris is highly skilled in putting together equipment finance deals. We have settled many deals, both straight-forward and extraordinarily complicated with Chris as the Broker. His applications are professionally presented, clear and well thought-out.

Chris is particularly good at building relationships with funders, other Brokers and his clients. This has resulted in some great business for TL Rentals and good quality applicants. Chris has also become known as a Broker who can get approvals on difficult deals and in this regard he has been able to procure a lot of referral business.

We look forward to working with him in his new venture.

George Matis/Craig Kirby – TL Rentals.

Graham Porter – Australian Broker Services