Podcast | Introducing Chris Slack

Chris spoke with Mia and Paul about all things business finance. In this clip hear about the experience Chris has gained in his twenty years of finance experience and how, as director of The Finance Consultancy, he works with his clients. Listen Now Chris Slack recently [...]

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The Inconvenient Truth About Diversifying

Read Chris Slack's opinion piece in the Mortgage Professionals Australia discussing the focus on diversification and the need for more commercial brokers. Find his "next steps" for brokers to take. Find his article on page 12 of this issue Chris Slack recently founded The Finance Consultancy to work specifically [...]

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Divorce and its affect on obtaining Finance

I can’t imagine what it must be like for individuals who go through separation/divorce. But what I can confidently advise on is the ability of business owners to obtain finance post-divorce. People that were comfortable splitting income and minimising tax payable quickly become the reason for a new entity under the existing trading name. [...]

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